1956 Porsche 356A Coupe

This car is the result of a great collaborative effort between Tom the car owner, Fat Performance, Vic Skirmants, Chris Coddington, Autobahn Interiors and myself. It went very smooth with having everyone on board to go the extra mile as needed. This car was purchased with the intent on making a generally stock appearing car with numerous upgrades and custom touches. Nothing was done to it that cannot go back to absolutely stock condition. The original engine and transmission are still with the car in storage. The color is a 1956 only color, Polyantha Red. I found a section in the interior in perfect condition and got an exact match. OEM or exact reproductions were used wherever possible for the upgrades. All stock parts were restored and refinished as possible opposed to reproductions that are cheaper but do not look as nice or are incorrect.

Tom did a great job of sourcing parts so I could keep doing what I really enjoy. Making beautiful cars.

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