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About Paintwerks

I was hooked at a young age!


From my first bicycle at age 9 to today, I have always had a love of precision body lines, beautiful paint finish and customizing cars. While I haven’t left my roots of my first air cooled engine car, I love working on all makes and models.

My lifelong pursuit of excellence taught me that quality is in the details and each completed project is a testimony to this pursuit.

DSC_0421-2I believe the best working relationship is a collaborative effort determining what’s important to you, your vision, and incorporating the details you want in the final result. I offer options to suit your goal and we work together, creating a fun, interactive experience that makes the process an enjoyable experience. My goal (if it’s possible) is for you to enjoy this as much as I do!

A young man’s dream with a lifelong pursuit of excellence became my reality of owning Paintwerks, a custom restoration shop!

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Dave Zimmer

I wanted to build cars that were not something to everyone but meant everything to some.
— Dr. Ferdinand Porsche