Articles By Dave Zimmer

How the painting process works


Preparation is done using a plastic media blast, followed by sanding with 40 grit paper to provide a superior surface for paint adhesion. On tanks or panels that have had any customization done, metal work or are in need of body work, All Metal body filler is used. It is an aluminized filler I have been using for more than 25 years. It has properties similar to lead. While it can be harder to work with, it has never failed. After sanding, all parts are cleaned and handled with protective gloves to keep any body oils from contaminating the bare metal surface. They are then coated with a metal etching chemical and epoxy primer to assure maximum bonding of paint to metal, followed by a primer surfacer. A guide coat is applied before block sanding the panel to achieve a perfect surface. Primer surfacer is then re-applied to these panels before final blocking. They are then wet-sanded to guarantee a premium finish.

Caring for your new custom paint job

Paint Care Instructions

Now that you’ve invested in your new paint, here are some helpful tips to keep it looking like the day you got it. Whether it is factory paint or a new custom job, it is much easier and faster than you think. And your paint can last as long as you are willing to take care of it.

First, never wipe your paint dry. The dust is like fine sandpaper. Always wash or use a good spray detailer. Then wipe it down with 100% cotton towels. Be sure to cut those nasty tags off the towels so they don’t scratch your paint.

Keeping a good wax job on it makes keeping it clean much easier. Wax such as Zymol (included in my paint care package) works great and comes off areas you did not mean to get it on like plastic pieces.

After each driving/riding season, you may want to do some machine polishing. This will get out any minor scratches that you may have acquired. Don’t be afraid to try to polish light scratches out yourself. Always start with the least aggressive polishing compound first. I also recommend doing a thorough wax job before winter storage and keeping it covered with a breathable storage cover. If you are not comfortable polishing it yourself, bring it back in to me or a local detailer to give it the shine it deserves.